Monday, March 15, 2010

Clintons Rape Haiti

Remember when we were all perplexed over the appointment of the first black President,Bill Clinton, by the second black President, Barrack Obama, (along with George W Bush), to oversee the Haitian relief effort being mounted by the US government?
Why would Mr Obama do such a thing?
Well, according to a Mr Pumphrey, it's all about the hundreds of millions of Haitian dollars that ends up in the pockets of the Clintons from the privatization of the Haitian phone system.
Did Obama know about that?
What else don't we know about related to the continuing rape of Haiti?
Check out the interview below for the details,
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Clinton Family Pockets Haiti Assets in Telephone Company Privatization, Says Pumphrey
by Glen FordA Black Agenda Radio interview by Glen Ford

Backed by the might of the United States military and their own official positions, the Clinton power couple plus brother-in-law have muscled themselves into the Haitian telephone monopoly. This cozy public-private partnership poses huge conflicts of interest, says Paul Pumphrey, of Brothers and Sisters International – and robs the Haitian people of hundreds of millions in revenues a year. But then, that's what empires are for, isn't it?
Interview, click here:

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