Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Emblem of Heroism In Haiti

Walking through the dusty debris of Port au Prince in the aftermath of the great 7.0 earthquake that hit January 12th was more than a little surreal and depressing. For the most part, people are trying to go about their daily business of survival on the basic level with grim stoic faces. The population is in shock and will be so for a long time to come. There are no smiles or much laughter on the streets, but there is a resilience and dignity that is pervasive. Pictured to the right is a man that I encountered in a area of Port au Prince called Delmar. He was moving fast, shirtless and ram-rod straight with a Haitian flag somehow strapped to his back and flapping proudly over his head. He had a warrior spirit about him. He was even defiant in the face of overwhelming adversity. He looked like he was going to win over a mere 7.0 earthquake. Who knows his story? Who knows his loss? Or where he is headed so swiftly, so proudly. But I take him as emblematic of the whole Haitian people and nation. They are fierce in their determination to live, to survive, to thrive and prosper no matter what.

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